Violets are blue picnics

Loved ones. Outdoors. Picnics.

We are about making picnics fun and enjoyable by offering our customers a service that takes the hassle out of the pop up picnic experience and is affordable.
 Our picnics are beautiful spaces to spend time relaxing and reconnecting with your loved one/s  outdoors or indoors.
We have picnics to suit any occasion or celebration.

We do all of the lugging of picnic equipment, set up and pack down so you don't have to.

Below are some questions we get asked (a lot) and out answers.

What is a pop up picnic?
The best way I can describe a pop up picnic is, Its the classic picnic with a good splash of style and a whole lot of comfort.  its like glamping, but, for picnics.
Part of the experience is not having to set it up. 

What exactly do you do?
VABP firstly creates a booking, gets from you details like date, time, location, occasion and a few other details.
On the day of your event we take all of the pop up picnic equipment to the chosen location. Create a sweet as picnic setting. We wait for you to arrive at the booked time. We then leave you and your loved one/s to enjoy. Once your  allocated time has come to an end, we come back and pack it all up.

How much?
All our prices are listed in the services section. Please check it out :)

Pictured: Naomi, the face behind all things Violets are blue picnics and a set up at Wellington point.